Digital Workspace

In today’s digital world, work can arrive at your organisation in a multitude of ways – email, digital forms, web chat, phone calls, paper, face to face etc. It's increasingly difficult to meet customer expectations, reduce operating costs and simply keep control of your operation – The Omniflow Digital Workspace solves all of these issues and more


All work is captured in the digital workspace, sorted, classified and distributed for completion to any combination of systems, automation, teams or users



Analytics and Artificial Intelligence ensure that work is completed in the optimum way

Operating performance is tracked in detail in real time.

This information allows Omniflow to optimise performance, provide insightful information for management and provide real time feedback for users and supervisors



Enjoy 20% productivity benefits immediately and enjoy a regular stream of opportunities for further benefit

Link your customers into the digital workspace so that they can track progress for themselves dramatically reducing follow up calls

Leading Edge Technology & Thinking

Omniflow does not replace your existing systems. Rather it glues those system together into a digital workspace full of opportunities. Omniflow is developed using the latest technologies and design principles to maximise interoperability.


In partnership with Process Automation Group, P&N Bank recently implemented the Omnifow Digital Workspace which has transformed the approach and outputs of our Operations Team. With Omniflow, we have real-time visibility of the workload and have achieved significant member experience and productivity improvements.

The system is easy to use and has gained team member support resulting in benefit realisation within days of implementation.

Jill Marks - Senior Manager Operations

Licensing & Hosting

Flexible options to suit your organisation
Up front licensing cost
20% annual maintenance
On-premise deployment
Deep integrations available e.g. core systems
Full API
Per case monthly pricing
On-premise deployment or Cloud hosted
Deep integrations available e.g. core systems
Full API
Per user monthly pricing
Cloud hosted
Some integrations available e.g. email
Partial API

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